Andy Wickett Portfolio - A collection of recordings from Andy’s past and present. Featuring rare tracks from the legendary TV Eye and World Service. NOW INCLUDES ORIGINAL VERSION OF 'RIO' Rare recording of the song 'Stevie's Radio Station' Andy later performed the song with Duran Duran. The rest is history. £10 inc. postage & packing
Skala Skambient - Cd featuring Andy Wickett, Saxa (The Beat), Louis Campbell (International beat) Thunderground Productions present a musical journey through scenic dub ska thematics, mixing live recordings of Saxa’s ska band with dub electronica. £10 inc. postage & packing
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Duran Duran Early demo – Duran Durans’ first demo, recorded at Bob Lambs’ Studios (The home of UB40). Features Andy Wickett (Then called Fane) singing his original melodies and lyrics on the first ever versions of Girls on Film, See-Me-Repeat-Me, Reincarnation and Working the Steel. £10 inc. postage & packing
Duran Duran Duarn Duran Demo- The Rare Debut Recordings with The Original Version of Girls on Film! The historic unreleased demo r ecordings by ‘80s new wave icons Duran Duran featuring the group’s early frontman Andy Wickett alongside Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor! Includes the original version of the smash hit single “Girls On Film” plus “ See Me Repeat Me,” which would later become “Rio,” and 2 other songs that the group shopped around to various labels, eventually signing with EMI! Available on both CD and on stunning clear colored vinyl! Track Listing 1. See Me, Repeat Me 2. Reincarnation 3. Girls on Film 4. Working The Steel Avalable on iTunes and Cleopatra Records Web Store on CD or clear/red vinyl
2017 - COMING SOON ! Creatures of Love album  & T.V. Eye Limited edition album on vinyl